For 2024, BaitStar baitboats has added a new AllinOne baitboat to its fleet, the BaitStar Advanced AllinOne, family of the Pro AllinOne boat, built in the same high quality and equipped with new software and hardware. The GPS autopilot is now even more accurate as it uses GNSS. The depth sounder/fishfinder has been upgraded to the latest 3rd generation Toslon hardware, all this is integrated into the handheld transmitter and equipped with our own new interface (this also applies to the PRO AllinOne).

Baitstar voerboten op Carp Den Bosch 2024

The bait boat has 3 hoppers, 1 of which has a rig slit to make it easier to put the rig in the hopper. The 3rd hopper can be closed with a lid to prevent moisture from entering the hopper during rain. The boat itself is powered by 2 very quiet and powerful engines that are maintenance-free, making it fast, manoeuvrable and economical. All this is provided with power by 2 Lithium-Ion batteries of 15Ah each that will endure almost a week-long session without recharging.

Baitstar voerboten op Carp Den Bosch 2024

For protection, it comes with a high quality camo backpack and hardcase for the handheld transmitter as well as a tripod to place the handheld transmitter on, leaving your hands free. Optionally, the Advanced can also be equipped with our baitthrower and our new underwater winch cam.

All this for 1899 euros!

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