Deception Angling was founded in 2012,10 years ago It has now and has been known for the highest quality end-tackle ever since. Deception Angling gathers the best products from various manufacturers on a large scale to create a top-notch range that is affordable for all. Every hook, swivel, bead, tubing and tungsten product is hand checked in the UK to ensure the very highest quality.

Deception Angling

Deception Angling has set the goal of providing the best quality endtackle, including the best tungsten putty available on the market. Deception Angling is also known as ‘The home of the hand checked hooks’. A full range of top quality hooks from size 2 to 10, available in all models and sizes without microbarb.

When we talk about hooks, Deception Angling is the place to be. There is a hook available for every situation. For every type of angler, and of the best quality. Hand-controlled hooks, strong and sharp! Various types available for every set-up, such as the Chod hook, the Twister SWG, the D-CRK, the D- XCurve, the SPC, the Longshank, the Continental X-hook, the SWG and the well-known and often favourite TWG (Turned Eye Widegape).

Don’t forget the ready-made Ronny rigs everything type you need!

Deception Angling

Our Tungsten range consists of the well-known putty, line aligners, anti-tangle sleeves, rig sinkers, chod beads, supple and heavy tubing and a naked chod kit. A very nice, complete and very affordable tungsten range.

The ‘metalware’ range contains all important items and is very extensive including; swivels, quick change swivels, Ronnie swivels, bait screws, O-rings etc. in all sizes required, In short everything you need to put together the final rig!

Then the Low Down leaders, made of a tungsten/polymer composition. A leader that sinks superbly well, is flexible and strong and ready to use. Ideal for getting started quickly.

Of course, the silicone and plastic range is not to be missed. An extensive range including: lead clips, running rigs, rig aligners, anti tangle sleeves, bait screws, silicone tubing, beads, pop-up corn (in various colours), kickers, worm aligners, etc. Too many to mention, but all of the best quality and at a fair and affordable price.

Deception Angling

We conclude with the Ascent Zig Range, the method for catching carp all year round. The Deception Angling Ascent range consists of a complete set to get started zig fishing right away. Available separately are zig foams and zig aligners in four colours (black, red, yellow, orange).

Deception Angling

Do you also want to be comfortable and fashionable at the waterfront and protected from the sun or cold wind? Deception Angling’s clothing range is made of high-quality materials. It has a nice fit and makes you feel comfortable at the waterfront.

T-shirt | Hoodie | Trucker Cap | Baseball Cap | Beanie

Deception Angling

Deception Angling, high quality, low priced endtackle from the UK.

Deception Angling is trusted by many anglers right across Europe,that’s why we know we have the excellent products available.

Deception Angling – Stand 104

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