A company from the Belgian ‘Golden Triangle’, with an eye for the most realistic, high-quality products available on the market for carp fishing. In the meantime, despite the last rather challenging years, we have managed to do well and put our foot into the massive industry carp fishing is.

On Point TT op Carp Den Bosch 2024

The idea behind On Point is that we need strong hooks in Europe, but on top of that we also want the sharpest hook with very thin, long point. We sensibly opted for the best of both worlds and got to work.

Many samples passed our HQ and unfortunately we noticed that many materials did not meet our high requirements. But, as with everything, slow and steady more than often wins the race, and that was no different in this case. After a long search, we finally found the combinations we were looking for.

In terms of hooks, we chose the most common patterns on the market we put our own twist to.
End tackle was obvious, this consists of the best materials available on the market for carp fishing, to match our range of hooks.

On Point TT op Carp Den Bosch 2024

For the hardcore anglers who fish in Extreme situations, we have launched the size 1, ‘Extreme’ hooks. This thicker wire hook made of Vanadium steel has been tested on Extreme waters like Rainbow (Lac De Curton) and passed the tests faultless. This is why we later that released the Continental & Wide Gape ‘Extreme’ in size 1.

Will you come and check it out at the new Carp Den Bosch? Our team is ready to welcome you at our stand. See you there!

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