The talks you will find below are the lectures of the last edition (2023). You can find out which talks will be held next year on this page in mid-December 2023.

Michiel pilaar

Michiel Pilaar

Mark Hofman

Mark Hofman

Tour d’Europe

After two winters without Europe’s Biggest and Best Carp Show, Mark and Michiel are eager to give the Carp Den Bosch visitors  a glimpse into their fishing of the past few seasons. From crystal clear circuit waters in Belgium to the extreme ‘big fish’ pits in Croatia: the men have collected enough material to put together an entertaining and educational presentation.

Through anecdotes, short films and beautiful photos, Pilaar & Hofman take you on their most memorable adventures in this epic show. You can bet that there will be laughter and that carp will pass by that will make your mouth water. In short, a show you don’t want to miss during your fun day out at Carp Den Bosch.

Underfishing world

Underfishing World

Catch More Carp

We all think our rigs are the best, but is that so? The only way to find out is to place underwater cameras, so that’s what we do! We capture everything that happens underwater and film it so you guys can learn together with us. With these tips you will catch more carp than ever before!

Dave Levy

Jay Cater

Jay Cater

Dan Hawkes

The Great Escape ‘Uncovered’

Dave Levy, Jay Cater and Dan Hawkes will lead you through some of their epic adventures whilst making ‘The Great Escape’ series of films. They will take you behind the scenes, showing the captures, the laughs and of course, the infamous Challenges they had to undertake in each episode.

Willem Kwinten

Spring tips

Do you think Spring is a tricky time of year? It doesn’t have to be! With these tips you will catch more and bigger carp than ever before. Full of inspiring and educational video material that focusses on carp fishing in spring.

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