The start of Forgotten Flavours was simple, I was looking for super buoyant pop-ups that were extremely attractive, something very different from what was available on the market at the time.

Meanwhile, Forgotten Flavours may already sound familiar to some. The high buoyancy, the often extreme, diverse recipes and different diameters and colors, Forgotten Flavours has just about everything for the hookbait freak. Whether it’s pop-ups, wafters, or corkballs, we’re fully loaded for Carp Den Bosch!

Forgotten Flavours

Old school flavours

As the name suggests, Forgotten Flavours, we work with old school flavours from what many consider to be the heydays of carp fishing. ‘Hutchinson & Catchum’, the golden label stickers from Solar, the glycerol flavours from Nutrabaits and all kinds of ‘Supasense oil palatants’ from Nash are all products that we work with. Finding these older flavours is often a task, something we do with pride.

Since the start of Forgotten Flavours, we were increasingly asked whether we wanted to deliver some of our items to tackle shops. Forgotten Flavours Shop Range has offered a bright future here and filled in a gap. We went to work with 5 classic flavour combinations based on old school recipes. We started the range with one of the very best carp catchers of all time – the Monstercrab. A smelly flavour which is difficult for the carp to avoid. A thrilling stinker, which isn’t always appreciated by the better half. This pop-up definitely belongs in the ‘not female friendly’ class.

Next up in this particular Shop Range, Mulberry

Mulberry has been the most sold pop-up on our online shop since day 1, with very good reason. The real, old Mulberry Florentine from Hutchinson in the time, in brown glass bottles is a true carp magnet! Now, reworked in the Shop Range, based on our old recipe. A pop-up that I mainly used in 2022 and surprised me a quite a bit to say the least.

Squid & Octopus, the third classic in the range.

With extra black pepper oil and a Squid & Octopus flavour based on Thrimethylamine, this pop-up is undoubtedly extremely powerful, if you used to love the old Koi Rearer from Solar, our Squid & Octo won’t disappoint!

The fourth pop-up in the Shop Range is the Fizz Bizz.

Based on our old school ‘Redesmere Specials’, where Fizz powder from Hutchy is being used.
The Fizz Bizz on the other hand, is identified by using a special dried powder, exclusive to Forgotten Flavours. With fruits like orange, tangerine, melon, lemon, and a few others, this powder is an absolute citrus bomb. Therefore, the aroma coming from these pop-ups cannot be compared to anything else available on the market.

The last and perhaps the most obvious pop-up of our Shop Range is the Icecream.

The Icecream not only contains ice cream powders suitable for human consumption, the Icecreams also contain Vanilla pods, extracts and liquid flavours in addition to these powders. Finalized with various Milk & Icecream flavours, Scopex, N-Butyric-Acid and appetite stimulants, this pop-up is a fan favourite for a good reason!

The entire range of Forgotten Flavours is coming to Carp Den Bosch, as well as the Shop Range. See you there!

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