In 2023, you want a maintenance-free boat that won’t break you down and contributes to the environment. In other words: HDPE! (High Density Polyethylene)

HDPE is recyclable and lasts a very long time. Driving over the stones, crashing into the quay? No problem as HDPE absorbs the energy instead of cracking or shattering and you don’t get hurt!

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In addition, HDPE almost does not grow in the sea. As a result, you no longer need antifouling. The antifouling does not stick to the boat either.

It’s better for the environment, cheaper and easier. You only have to take the boat out of the water from time to time and wash it with the high-pressure cleaner. No corrosion (aluminum), no rust (steel), no wood rot (wood) and no osmosis (polyester).

The boat is made of HDPE sheets welded together and these welds are even stronger than the material itself. So if you manage to break the boat (which you won’t!) you can weld it and it does not become a vulnerability. As a result, the boat can be repaired over and over again and has an extremely long service life.

Blackworkboats aanwezig op Carp Den Bosch

HDPE is one of the plastics with the lowest environmental impact to manufacture, and its long lifespan and recyclability make it one of the most sustainable materials for your boat!

Also, HDPE is lighter than water, so it won’t sink. Nevertheless, all our boats are equipped with multiple air chambers, which makes them 100% unsinkable.

We have our standard models, the 300, 400, 500 and 600 which are flat bottomed jon boats. We have 2 different lines, the “Basic” and the “Pro”. The “Basic” line is simple, strong and light. Ideal for shallow waters. The “Pro” line is Heavy Duty, with a double bottom so it is self bailing and suitable for heavier outboard engines.

Blackworkboats aanwezig op Carp Den Bosch

All boats are handcrafted in the Netherlands, which means we can make many custom changes. If the boat you want isn’t there? Contact us and we will customize the boat to your liking. V-floor, double floor, different layouts, everything is possible up to 7 meters.

We can deliver the boat complete with electric and petrol engines, a trailer and accessories.

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