Our brand is driven by the ambition to meet the evolving needs of the most discerning carp anglers who are dedicated to technical fishing. With nearly 30 years of experience in carp fishing, we have been privileged witnesses to the evolution of this discipline. Throughout these years, our dedication has been focused on researching and developing unique and effective bait formulations.

The modern carp angler is mobile and seeks lighter, more precise, and instantly attractive baiting solutions using high-quality baits. That’s why we have crafted a comprehensive range of technical products and baits to address the requirements of these contemporary anglers who encounter diverse fishing situations. From the smallest pond to the largest untamed river, we assist carp anglers in enhancing the appeal of their fishing spots.

We offer a range of carp baits made from insect proteins, which are not only immediately recognized by carp as a natural food source but are also less harmful to the environment. Going a step further, we provide boosters and natural liquids also formulated with insects, allowing carp anglers to engage in technical fishing and tackle even the most complex fishing scenarios. We dint not just add insect meal to one of our boilie, we have put insect in the center of our range and built all our products (boilies, booster, stick-mix, coating powder) with insect meal and whole insects and we are the only one in the industry to do it that way. 

We firmly believe in innovation and are continually exploring new possibilities while maintaining quality and effectiveness as our guiding principles. Regardless of the fishing situation you face, we have the right bait for you.

Introducing the ultimate solution to elevate your fishing game – the Insect-ß Boilie range, a true game-changer in the world of carp bait. Designed to tackle even the most challenging fishing scenarios, these boilies are far from ordinary. What sets this boilie apart is its ingenious fusion of two potent components: our cutting-edge insect proteins and other well-proven ingredients such as liver, tuna, tigernuts, predigested fish, and much more. This dynamic blend transforms our baits into a versatile and adaptable solution, ensuring consistent and remarkable results across a diverse range of water conditions. Crafted from a meticulously chosen selection of premium ingredients, the Insect-ß boilie range delivers the perfect equilibrium between attraction and nutrition.

Elixir stands out as a unique liquid booster in the industry. Formulated around a solid base comprising inverted sugar, aminol, and an insect patée made with whole insects, this booster proves versatile in various fishing situations. We offer three distinct formulas tailored to complement our Insect-ß boilie range. In each formula, we have enriched our robust base with a variety of hydrolyzed liquids, including liver, CSL, Tuna, Robin Red®, and many more.

Packed with insects and small crustaceans, our stick-mix is incredibly rich and attracts carp in any situation. Our insect formula enhances an already enticing base composed of hemp, corn meal, popcorn meal, bakery products, and more.

Wrap, our coating powder, is crafted with a balanced blend of 1/3 insects, 1/3 predigested fish meal, and 1/3 liver meal. When combined with our Elixir liquid, you can create a custom coating that enhances the attractiveness of your free and hook baits. This versatile powder can also be incorporated into your stick-mix and personal boilie recipes.

Our cloudy booster is formulated with inverted sugar and aminol. Amino acids, known as the true triggers for fish feeding, are abundant in our boosters. Specifically, our AminoStorm is thick and stays close to the bottom, enhancing the appeal near your hookbaits.

Additionally, there are many more products to explore in Den Bosch, including a pure neutral insect feed boilie. This top-notch free bait is designed to elevate your fishing spot.

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