How bizarre is it that we, as first-class nature enthusiasts, catch fish from the ocean to process into our boilies? Yes, it’s true, fishmeal is made from fish caught in fresh or saltwater to be used as bait for carp. Absurd, isn’t it? This puts enormous pressure on fishmeal, and that pressure is only going to increase in the coming years. It’s time for some innovation!

Because Daan has been working in the insect industry for years, he knows how the production process works. Food industry byproducts are converted into the larvae of the Black Soldier fly. These larvae are then processed into very high-quality end products used as animal feed. This is how the idea of using these high-quality products in boilies came about.

Below are four reasons why you should definitely consider giving insect-based bait a chance!

1. Nature’s Logic: Carp naturally feed on insects, and BiemansBaits understands this. Insects are the original protein source for carp, and research shows that the carp’s nutritional needs are almost entirely met by the composition of insect meal.

2. High-Quality Ingredients: Insect meal is processed at low temperatures to preserve its nutritional value and digestibility. Freshness is guaranteed because insects are processed immediately after harvest.

3. Unique in the Base: Using insects as the basis for bait sets BiemansBaits apart from the competition and offers a completely different taste that has never been on the market before.

4. Highly Attractive: The boilies contain a high dose of water-soluble insect amino acids, making them irresistible to carp. Carp quickly recognize this taste, making them instantly attracted.

We invite visitors to Carp den Bosch to visit the BiemansBaits booth and smell, taste, and discuss our bait products. In addition, there will also be special offers available for those who want to try Insect-Based Baits.

So mark January 19, 20, or 21, 2024, on your calendar and come to the Biemans Baits booth at Carp den Bosch to discover the future of carp bait.

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