The Carpspot Camoflex has now been voted the best braided carp line in Europe. This particularly impresses with its extreme durability, very supple behavior, compact weave and fast sinking properties.

Sinking fibers were also woven into the very tightly woven 8-layer braid. This means it sinks reliably and lies perfectly over the contours on the bottom of the water. In addition, the way it is braided prevents the line from later outgassing and floating. This is the most common problem with other “supposedly” sinking lines.

The Camoflex is extremely tight and round braided. This manufacturing process creates a very smooth surface and yet the durable cord remains supple. These properties are particularly helpful if you want to achieve long throws.

  • 8-fold braided
  • Sinking and almost zero elongation
  • extremely durable and yet very supple
  • compact, round and regular braiding offers particularly good gliding properties
  • very discreet thanks to 4-color camouflage pattern

For boat fishing at night, when you go to the spot or fish with a headlamp or as a spod and marker braid, we have also created a neon yellow alternative with the Neoflex!

Available on 300m, 600m and 3,000m spools in camouflage and neon yellow.

  • 0.18mm – 20lb – 9.1kg
  • 0.24mm – 25lb – 11.3kg
  • 0.30mm – 30lb – 13.6kg
  • Shimano Ultegra XSD / XTC / XTD 14,000 = 0.18mm / 800m * 0.24mm / 600m * 0.30mm / 500m
  • Daiwa emblem X 5000T = 0.18mm / 600m
  • Daiwa emblem 45 SCW 5000C = 0.18mm / 300m
  • Daiwa Black Widow 25A = 0.18mm / 300m
  • Okuma 8K = 0.24mm / 600m
  • Prologic comander 7000 = 0.18mm / 600m

As a snagleader for the last meters to the fish, we recommend our Spotline Snagleader in combination with the Camoflex and Neoflex – at the trade fair for 12 EUR for a 100m spool or 20 EUR for 2 spools!

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