The Commando 200 and 230 Lightweight Wide-Models

Due to the high demand for lightweight models, we have now also released a new lightweight wide-range! The Pro Line Lightweight – Wide Model 200AD and the Pro Line Lightweight Wide Model 230AD!

With an inner width of 75 cm and with a net weight of; 17.5kg for the 200 wide, and 19kg for the 230 wide you have an extremely light boat with extra space for yourself or your belongings! Both Lightweight boats are delivered complete and include a sturdy Air-deck for a very attractive price! The ideal boat to find swims, drill or sail stuff! 

Pro Line Carp Products op Carp Den Bosch 2023

Maggot & Cream ‘’Extremely Sweet’’

Sweet Maggot & Cream ‘’Extremely Sweet’’ The Sweet Maggot & Cream, the sweetest boilie from the Pro Line range! This irresistibly sweet and natural boilie has a beautiful dark yellow color and consists of various easily digestible ingredients that ensure that the boilie drains perfectly underwater.

In addition to the sweet character, the Sweet Maggot & Cream is packed with amino acids and minerals. Due to the high protein content and the use of various high-quality ingredients such as; Maggot Flour, Ground Hemp, Vanillie powder, appetite stimulants, fibres, sweeteners and flavors, the new Sweet Maggot & Cream is a nutritious boilie with an extremely sweet taste that can be used all year round. Are you looking for an all-round boilie that contains natural ingredients with a high nutritional value? Then the Sweet Maggot & Cream is definitely recommended! 

Pro Line Carp Products op Carp Den Bosch 2023

Pro Line Carp Products 713, Hall 7

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