Crypton Carp is the fishing line of the highest level. The ratio of the breaking strength to the diameter is the best among the Katran range. The innovative technology of light reflection, which masks the fishing line at any bottom, is applied. Above the water it is almost transparent and under the water it will adjust to the color of the bottom. The fishing line is almost invisible, so it does not scare away cautious fish.

Katran Fishing Line
The new Synapse Wild Carp camo

High knot strength, low stretching coefficient 13-14% and low memory are other valuable benefits of Crypton Сarp. The line is high abrasion resistant, smooth, easily passes through guides, designed for long distance fishing. The line is covered by a polished surface, which protects it from dust and dirt, so it stays clean and smooth for a long time. Every 250 meters you will find special marks, the aim of which is to support you to spool exactly 250 meters on your reel.

  • The fishing line is packed in iron cans, which perfectly protects it from ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage during transportation.A very low stretch
  • Ultra high knot strength 
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chameleon colour
  • Sinking

Crypton Carp and Method

DiameterBreaking – strength Length
0,203 mm7,50 lb – 3,40 kg300 m
0,215 mm8,85 lb – 4,01 kg300 m
0,234 mm10,05 lb – 4,55 kg300 m
0,261 mm12,57 lb – 5,70 kg 300 m
0,286 mm14,00 lb – 6,35 kg300 m

Crypton Carp

DiameterBreaking – strengthLength
0,286 mm12,78 lb – 5,80 kg1000 m
0,309 mm15,50 lb – 7,03 kg1000 m
0,331 mm17,50 lb – 7,94 kg1000 m
0,371 mm21,30 lb – 9,66 kg1000 m

Headlamp KATRAN – W/B460 PRO (including case + battery)

The headlamp is specially designed for carp fishing at night, used together with Katran fishing lines. The body is made of lightweight aluminium alloy with two independent white and blue LEDs. The key to this headlamp is a special blue light diode that creates a unique luminescent effect. This effect boosts the line glow, making the semi-transparent Katran line of the Crypton series, Synapse Neon and Eclipse highly visible. The line turns bright yellow in colour, offering super high visibility at night. We can guarantee such an effect, but only with Katran lines.

The flashlight uses a blue diode with a wavelength of 460 nanometers. This is not ultraviolet light and, therefore, safe for human eyes and skin.

The headlamp has a built-in USB charger, equipped with an //18650 battery. When the battery is running low, a short light blinks to indicate it. Do not remove the battery for charging: just unscrew the cover (power button) and use an USB cable to connect the charging port to any power source, including power banks. The headlamp will work while charging from a power bank. When the battery is fully charged a special indicator near the charging port changes from red to green.

The power button is located on the side of the headlamp; it can be placed on the right or left, as you prefer. Each brightness mode has a memory function, which saves the last mode when you turn off the headlamp. When the headlamp is turned on again, it continues working in same mode. Switching on and changing modes is effected by brief pressure on the power button: to switch off the headlamp keep pressing the power button. The button is recessed to prevent the flashlight being accidentally turned on when being transported.

Package Includes: 

  • flashlight
  • headstrap 
  • Vapcell 3400 mAh battery
  • USB cable for charging
  • user manual
  • guarantee card
  • Unique blue light 
  • 24 months guarantee
  • Build in USB-C charger
  • Unique magnetic feature
  • IP67 and 1,5 meter drop

You can find Katran Fishing Line at stand 102

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