Panama® is not only a simple name. It is a sense of high quality bait boat. Our bait boat manufacture started back in 2009, Panama is a registered trademark since 2015. At the beginning we made a good boat, but not the best. Year by year we have developed the technical parameters, and a well-worked design with special hull painting.

Now we offer 5 types of bait boats. 1 is special becuase of its high capacity, 1 is famous for its speed, 1 is for ordinary fishing, 1 was specially designed for geodetic survay. The fifth one is our brand new bait boat the Phantom, which was designed for fishing under extraordinary circumstances.

Panama® Bait Boats

Our bait boats can be equiped with different fishfinder sonars and autopilot system „EASYPILOT” or even bait throwing unit called „Twister” and a high beam Reflector.

It is your turn, choose the best what fits for you!

Panama® Pro1:

First of all we love our Panama Pro1 baitboat for its speed. It is equipped with brushless engine and has a power output of 700 watts, which stands out from other boats. Its lithium battery provides a giant capacity let you use your baitboat for up to 3 hours. You don’t have to worry about charging either, as you can charge it with the special quick charger in an hour. It has a stunning speed, and the load capacity of the boat 1.5 kg. It comes with seaweed protection made from stainless steel grid. The boat has high brightness leds (front, side, back) for better visibility. Fish finder and Easypilot preparation. The boat range is approximately 2-300 m, maximum 500 m. The ship weight is 6 kg, and its size 75x35x24 cm.
The carbon patterned shockproof plastic hull offers a more durable quality compared to fiberglass hulls.

Panama® Bait Boats

Panama® Speedy:

Panama Speedy was designed especially for boilie fishing. The 12V 150W DC engine provides dinamism and remarkable speed. The boat has 2.5kg carrying capacity. It has seaweed protection grid made from stainless steel. The led lighting can be activated with the main switch but it can be requested with separate switch too. It can run for 3-4 km-s with one charge.

Panama® Bait Boats

Panama® Phantom:

Meet the new Panama Phantom! … For long distances, for professional anglers…

This boat was specially developed for use in extreme conditions. It can be any size of wave and high wind, it can be safely sent on deployment. Its special ability makes it a truly great bait boat: it can stand up in any situation. In order to prevent the feed material from spilling out of the approximately 1 kg container a container lid can be ordered. The basic package also includes the GPS-equipped safety electronics that bring the boat back even in the event of a range loss. The display of the distance traveled by the boat is also standard equipment, which can also be read from the remote control. The opening of the container can be controlled from the remote control. A built-in sensor monitors the closing of the door and pulls the slide lock, then closes it again.

With its  gigantic 20 Ah Lithium battery it can run for 10 km.

Panama® Bait Boats
Panama® Bait Boats

Panama® GEOLINE:

Panama Geoline underwater drone

It was specially designed for geodetic bed surveys.

With its help, the cm-accurate GPS and sonar determine the relative depth to sea level, and forwards the measurement to the shore processing unit online. The Geoline size 90x50x30 cm, and it can run for 10 km with one charge.

Panama® Bait Boats

Panama® Pacific: 

It is famous for its sturdiness, because it has 3kg grain feeds load capacity. The Pacific can be used for 10-12 km without baterry replacement. It has a rack tray, and a rig/hook release. It has 2 pcs 12V 7Ah battery with double battery life, up to 4 hours.  From the front to the back it has 2-2 high-brightness leds, side green and red high-brightness leds. It comes seaweed protection made of stainless steel, which is easy to remove. Pacific has impact resistant plastic body instead of fiberglass. The boat range is approximately 300m, maximum 500 m. The Pacific size is 90x40x22 cm.

Panama® Bait Boats

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