The company Carp´R´Us was established in the early 90 ´s in Suffolk, in England and has undergone many changes in its existence. However, her philosophy of helping carp anglers on the path to their dreams remained unchanged. The same idea is also the driving force of whole Carp´R ´Us, thanks to which it brings innovations, new products to the market, teaches anglers how to use them properly and helps them get an unforgettable experience using them.

Carp'R'Us op Carp Den Bosch 2024

The longer version of the Carbon Sky Sword, called Superfast, differs from its shorter sister, the MK II, mainly by the hole that can be found just above the cobra handle. Thanks to the opening for inserting boilies, your feeding speed will increase dramatically.

The casting rod with a reserve accommodates boilies with a diameter of 24 mm of all manufacturers and qualities. The incredible lightness and the shape of the throwing stick, which has been developed for many years, allow absolutely everyone to achieve the longest throws, without the need for any longer practice.

The unsurpassed lowest weight of any throwing stick on the market will allow absolutely accurate and long casts without fatigue, even if you are feeding a lot of boilies. Keep in mind that when feeding over a really long distance, you really feel every gram!

Nieuwe producten van Carp'R'Us

The Total Contact Line fishing line above all means uncompromising quality! It is intended for long distances, but of course you can also cast well with it. The line is great when used in difficult areas with a lot of rocks and other sunken obstacles. Because the fishing line perfectly follows the contours of the bottom and will lie on the bottom for hundreds of meters in places, durability and abrasion resistance on edges or in mussel fields is an absolute priority. For areas where lines are not allowed, this line is the ideal option! Compared to other lines, Total Contact Line has less elongation, excellent strength and, thanks to a special surface treatment, it is extremely abrasion-resistant. We chose a highly visible, yellow color for the fishing line so that you can always see the fishing line.

We recommend always tying Carp’R’Us shock lines or captured leaders to the end of the Total Contact Line.

In a package of 1200 m and in diameters of 0.30 or 0.35 mm.

Nieuwe producten van Carp'R'Us

Fishing tapered lines have become one of the most popular solutions when casting long distances. We are proud to introduce Carp´R´Us Total Tapered Leaders. Soft, firm, tapering leader in crystal clear color. Each spool holds 5 separate 12m leaders that can be cut to suit the individual needs of each carp angler. We offer it in 3 version.

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