Just like last year, Timmy’s Carpboat Products will be present at the fishing show in Carp Den Bosch in 2024! We have increased our exhibition stand a lot and we also have a new spot. You can find us in hal 3 at stand 323. Will we see you there?

Net als in 2023 pakken we ook dit jaar weer groots uit!
Just like in 2023, we’re going BIG again this year!

We’re bringing the full range of Timmy’s Carpboat Products to the fishing show. That means you can check out all of our product in real life! From anchor poles and pod support to the tension system and pole holders: it can all be found at stand 323.

Timmy’s Carpboat Products
Check out the full product range for boat fishing for carp at the Carp Den Bosch show!

Our experienced team will be stand-by to help you find the right products for your boat angling adventures. Questions like the type of screw head that suits your fishing, the best anchor pole length or how to use the Tension System to prevent the swell of the waves!

One of the new products we are introducing is the ‘Bolder Plate’. This stainless-steel plate with nylon cleat is a combination product designed to easily mount an anchor pole to your boat. The rigid material of the nylon cleat prevents scratching noise when your boat is swaying on the water. The stainless-steel plate can be used to lift your boat out of the water a little bit using Timmy’s Tensioning System. By bringing some tension to your boat you can drastically reduce the swaying that might occur in rough weather, due to other boats passing by or when you’re moving on your boat. The Bolder Plate is an extremely strong product to help make your boat an incredibly steady platform to fish from!

Timmy’s Carpboat Products
The new Bolder Plate is unique and perfect to secure your boat when you’re carp fishing!

Since recently there are different rodpod models available at Timmy’s shop, of course including the matching pod support accessories. Take for example the Fox Eos Pod. This lightweight pod is perfect for boat fishing with 2 or 3 rods. Prefer a bit more quality? Then the Horizon Pod is a great choice for you. This model is extra strong thanks to the double central bar and can easily hold 3 or 4 rods. The feet of both models can be easily removed to prevent discomfort from sharp parts. Check them out at stand 323!

Timmy’s Carpboat Products
New in Timmy’s product range are two Fox rodpods that are perfect for fishing from your boat!

Another major product introduction at the Carp Den Bosch show are the black anchor poles! With these your (green) carp boat will blend into the environment even more and you’ll create a cool look in general. The new black line of anchor poles is a powder coated version that is very impact resistant, easy to be cleaned and will not stain on your hands when you’re using them. Check them out at stand 323!

Timmy’s Carpboat Products
Come check out the new line of black anchor poles at the carp show!

Yes sir! Timmy’s is going BIG at the carp show so you can benefit from proper discounts. A full set of anchor poles and accessories for your fishing boat has never been this cheap!

Timmy’s Carpboat Products
Get great discounts fort he entire assortment of Timmy’s Carpboat Products during Carp Den Bosch 2024!

We will also be hosting a cool competition at our stand, where you can win a shopping voucher of no less than €500! Entering is easy: come by our stand, scan the QR-code and register to compete.

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