Take note boat fishermen! It took a while but “Timmy’s Carpboat Products” now has its own stand at Carp Den Bosch. We are a company that specializes in products for carp fishing from a boat. This means items to firmly secure your boat, like our aluminium poles in numerous lengths, but also extendable poles and ready-made pole sets.

We have a variety of products for any kind of boat fishing. Whether you prefer shorter poles that are easy to stow away or extra long poles with less loose parts: we have it all. Every pole is available with three different screwing points to match your fishing and the bottom type you run into.

Timmy's Carpboat Products at Carp Den Bosch

Fishing around the corner

Our aluminium poles are also very useful for fishermen who like to fish “around the corner”. A strong pole that you can easily use to play a fish around the corner can be very convenient for numerous carp fishermen. Our poles have a very smooth surface which makes them perfect for this kind of fishing.

TAKE NOTE: During the Carp Den Bosch show you can benefit from massive discounts on all our products!

With Timmy’s gear everything is possible!

Of course we also have products available to mount your rods. We have different kinds of rodpod mounts to secure on your boat in different materials. You will also find an extended range of stainless steel Extenders and “Pole Arms” that you can use to place your set-up “outside” of your boat. This will prevent false bait indications caused by the waves. Whether you like to go fishing alone or with your fishing buddy: with our gear everything is possible! 

Timmy's Carpboat Products at Carp Den Bosch

All our products are developed based on years of experience and feedback from our customers. And that’s not all: every year we re-evaluate our products and try to look for improvements. Our latest products, such as the Pole Holders to stow away or transport your aluminium poles, will be exhibited at the show. Carp fishing from a boat is becoming increasingly popular and the reason for that is obvious. Catching fish from places you can’t reach from the bank is something really special!

We are very happy to help you with all your questions related to boat fishing and we have numerous tips to help improve your fishing. With a stand surface of 20 square meters we are ready to suit your needs! Our entire assortment of products can be purchased with a special show discount. Come visit our stand for a nice chat, we will be ready for you. See you at Carp Den Bosch!

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